Açaí [aˌsaˈi]

The Açai berry is located in South America in the area of the Amazon River and grows as a fruit on a palm tree called “Açaizeiro”. The fruits are considered as a so called super fruit and they have strong antioxidant effects. Furthermore they are known for their healing effects and some people believe in their stimulating forces. Long story short… a unique fruit to create a unique gin!

The Gin

We planned to create a new and kind of unique Gin and in the same time establish a connection to our hometown Hamburg.

Hamburg, situated in northern Germany close to the North Sea, is since centuries known best for being a “gate to the wide world” because of it’s harbor. The harbor of Hamburg ships and receives goods from all over the world. Without the harbor it would have been impossible for the Açai berry to find its way from so far away to Hamburg. The delicate fruit is shipped in special reefer containers over the Altantic Ocean to Hamburg.

People in South America consume the Açai berry every time of the day. they use all kind of variations for example as a snack or soothed to drink. The berry is famous as a superfood and the Brazilians love it not only for that reason.

On different journeys to Brazil and South America an idea came to our mind… why not using a superfood berry to create a unique flavored Gin.

We managed successfully to create a new and special gin out of the Açai berry and other classic gin botanicals. In a small factory close to the port of Hamburg we compose and create one of a kind gin which is distinctive in its flavor.

High quality and basic materials

Zur Herstellung unseres Gins verwenden wir ausschließlich Premium Açai, biozertifiziert und GMO frei.

To produce our gin we only use the premium Açai berries which are certified for being botanical and free of GMO (Genetically modified organism).

The sun ripe fruits are picked and straight processed when they are freshly harvested. The açai berries are going to be conserved without any additions.

Flavor, taste and the active components are preserved like that.

In addition we process fresh organic lime and lemon. We are convinced that the highest qualities of the raw materials are a perfect base for a perfect product.

Spices chosen thoroughly complete the gin; juniper is responsible for a distinctive head note which makes our London Dry Gin a unique creation.

Gin Tonic

Our Recommendation:

  • 2cl Açai Gin
  • Ice cube or bowl
  • Tonic Water
  • Lime zest or slice of lime/cucumber

The Tonic Water should not be flavored. Depending on your taste even extra dry.

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